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This is Not the Job I Applied For

This is Not the Job I Applied For I had an interesting conversation this weekend about being duped in the workplace. A new friend was explaining the trouble she was experiencing at her job. Back in November 2013, she accepted a role for what she believed would be a marketing position. Yet, after accepting the position and moving out of state, my friend soon realized that her managers requests drastically differed from the listed duties in the positions job description. In fact, they werent related to marketing at all.Although she was hired for a marketing position, her manager was requiring her to act like a recruiter. She was given a boatload of resumes to sift through and find the best possible matches for an open IT position. Then, she was tasked with contacting the applicants to setup interviews.This was very unsettling for my friend. She was bedrngnis a recruiter nor a hiring manager, and she did not have a background in IT. Therefore, given the task of the selecting ones fateif you willon whether or not he or she would receive a callback for an interview seemed unfair in her eyesnot only for herself but for the applicants involved.Has anyone ever encountered this situation? Being thrust into a position that was nothing like you expected? This can be a frustrating and challenging scenario.To help navigate these rough waters, below are five ways you can approach a situation that leaves you thinking, this is not the job I applied for.Review Job DescriptionA first step to take is to review the job description and/or job listing (if still available). Make sure you didnt miss anything and that your managers seemingly foreign demands arent actually listed in the job ad. The last thing you want to do is confront your babo about doing work that wasnt listed at the initial job offer only to find out you are the one who overlooked the details.Accept the ChallengeIf the on-the-job duties do differ from what you were led to believe (and even if they really are in the job ad), a way to approach this situation is to step up to the plate and accept this as a challenge, rather than a setback.What skills will you need to effectively handle these responsibilities and how can you learn them? Is there an online/free course you can take? Can anyone offer you light training and/or insight to accomplish the tasks? If you can find ways to teach yourself how to handle these duties, that will only show your manager just how great of a new hire you really areand multifaceted too. If the requested duties are just beyond your skill level (and acquiring those skills arent within your means), the next step will suit you much better.Setup Meeting with SupervisorSchedule a time to meet with your supervisor and explain your concerns with the current work versus the expected/promised work. Show him or her the original job listing, explaining why the duties appealed to you and led y ou to apply for the position. Do not say I cant do this when explaining the differing duties, but rather focus on how you were anticipating fulfilling the listed requirements. Its important to note your own expectations of a job at this point.Offer SolutionsOffer your manager a few feasible solutions to remedy the problem and be open to possible solutions from him or her. Use this time to collaborate and brainstorm ideas that will benefit both you and the company. You dont just want be content with a solution of you not doing the extra work try to come up with ways for your managers needsi.e. the unlisted requirementsto be met as well.Negotiate compensationMore and/or different responsibilities may require a higher compensation. After all, those with higher skill sets and more years of experience are typically paid larger salaries because they are required to perform more extensive duties. If you are capable of performing your managers unlisted duties, discussing the compensation th at should mirror these extra demands may not be a bad idea. Salary negotiations may also help your manager stay with the job descriptions requirements the next time he or she assigns a task.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sharp HealthCare Pulls Out All the Stops to Attract Healthcare Professionals

Sharp HealthCare Pulls Out All the Stops to Attract Healthcare ProfessionalsSharp HealthCare Pulls Out All the Stops to Attract Healthcare ProfessionalsSharp HealthCare Pulls Out All the Stops to Attract Healthcare Professionals RossheimIf you think you have it bad when it comes to finding talent, chances are, Sharp Healthcarein San Diego has it worse.The companys 18,500-person workforce includes 6,000 nurses. And if youre in health care recruiting, you know all too well how hard it is to find nurses today.Nurses are in the drivers seat in selecting where they want to go, says Elmerissa Sheets, director of talent acquisition for Sharp, which includes seven hospitals and three medical groups with mora than 2,000 physicians. The challenge right now, as it has been for years, is to find nurses with one to five years of experience. Its especially difficult in the ICU, the emergency department, labor and delivery.And it wont get any easier anytime soon. Boomers are starting to retire and nursing graduates numbers are shrinking in proportion to the population. Nursing graduates per 100,000 U.S. residents rose from 35.8 in 2001 to 66.4 in 2012. That count shrunk to 61.8 in 2016, according to the latest datafrom the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.Even in this difficult environment, Sharps sharp recruiting strategies have enabled the organization to win the healthcare talent crucial to carrying out its mission. So what are they doing right? They shared their insights with Monsterand what theyve learned could help you hire too. Using multichannel to fill thousands of reqsSharp fills hundreds of nurse openings each year. To staff those and thousands of other positions, the health system uses diverse sourcing channels. We do pretty much everything, says Sheets. We do social media, job boards, career fairs, conferences and email blasts to association lists.While Sharp has moved away from Facebook ads, we get a substantial number of applications via Go ogle paid clicks, Sheets says. Its part of our strategy, not the only piece. We use many channels, paid and organic. Sharp also has many career videos on Youtube.Still, with Millennials and younger Generation Zcandidates, much comes down to Google, according to Sheets. When I talk to Millennials, they say they just do a Google search on employers. The systems career site gets a lot of traffic that is seeking opportunities for physician assistants, RNs, nursing assistants, medical assistants and medical secretaries.Going back to college to recruit gradsTo stock its recruitment pipeline, Sharp maintains relationships with a number of educational institutions. We do college recruitment for nurses and physical therapists, even if we arent likely to hire them straight out of school, says Sheets.We do a lot of campus recruitment, she says. Sharp has recruiting relationships with a number of nearby schools, including the University of California, San Diego UC Irvine Cal Poly University of San Diego San Diego State University San Diego City College Pomona College and Grossmont College.The relocation equationCurrent and projected shortages of registered nurses in the United States as a whole mask large state variations in supply and demand, says a 2017 report from the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis.California, New Jersey, South Carolina and Texas are forecast to have shortages in excess of 10,000 RNs per state by 2030. By contrast, Florida, New York, Ohio and Virginia each expect an excess supply of 18,000 nurses or more.These differences represent opportunities for recruiters to woo and relocate nurses to higher-demand regions. The challenge in recruiting a promising grad from Ohio to California, for example, is to close the cost-of-living gap.The high cost of living makes it hard to find people willing to relocate to San Diego, Sheets says. The reality of relocating nurses who are looking at homes that average $500,000 versus maybe $200,000 where they live is a considerable barrier.The tough sell of relocation may be more appealing to candidates who are ready for a change of life. It also depends where the candidates are in their lives, says Sheets. The ones without families may be more mobile.Branding for quality, caring and candidate experienceThese strategies are just tactics. What knits themtogether is Sharps employer brand, which keeps the recruitment engine stoked through consistent marketing of what the company stands for.Weve built a very good brand in the San Diego market, says Sheets. Sharp publicizes its status as a nursing magnet hospital and does branding with everything from quick pop-up ads to multi-channel campaigns that feature tag lines like, Do what you love.Generation Zwants to see a sense of authenticity, to see if the culture is what we say it is, says Sheets. We emphasize growth opportunities within our organization. Students go to social media both to see how Sharp presents itself, and to glean what the sy stems employees are saying about their colleagues and the organization.A mentoring programfor nurses also helps to enhance Sharps employer brand. Our very robust mentorship program, which is a one-year residency for new RNs, gets thousands of applications, Sheets says. The mentoring program has the indirect but powerful effect of signaling that someone will be there to untersttzungsangebot them, especially through the often stressful novice year of nursing.A great candidate experienceis also critical. Job search has become so automated without the personal touch, candidates sometimes feel a disconnect, says Sheets. A lot of Millennials prefer face-to-face and phone contact. We reach out as much as we can, but its a big challenge with the number of candidates that come through. So were also working to improve the messaging in automatic responses from our ATS.Whats the big takeaway here? As Sharp has found, successful healthcare recruiting requires an armful of sourcing channels and a portfolio of strategies. Knowing where and when to use those tools is essential. Perhaps the biggest takeaway is just how critical it is to have a robust employer brand that speaks to todays value-focused candidates, whether near or far.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Pew U.S. workers counter automation threat with education, new skills

Pew U.S. workers counter automation threat with education, new skillsPew U.S. workers counter automation threat with education, new skillsThe future of work in 2050 looks gloomy, according to workers who responded to recent Pew research about the future of work in the automated workplace. About half (49%) believe that workers will have less job security by the year 2050. When asked about employee benefits, 41% believe that they will be worse than they currently are now, and 36% think they will be about the same.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moraOn both these trends, men are more pessimistic than women, and Democrats more negatives than Republicans. African-Americans and Latinos tend to see things more positively.Little value seen in automationU.S. workers dont see much to be gained in automation. Almost half (48%) think advances in automation has mostly hurt American workers, and 28% believe they have neither helped nor hurt.The older a person is, the more they are likely to think automation has hurt workers.Among the people who think in the near future that robots will do many of the jobs that people once did, 40% responded that this will be someone bad, and 29% responded that this will be very bad.Strangely, many workers dont think the robots will come for their own jobs 24% say this definitely wont happen, and 38% say it probably wont. One-quarter, however, say it probably will.Lower-income workers and workers with no college experience are more likely to believe their work will be taken over by robots or computers in the next 30 years. As a result, 3 in 4 (76%) of Americans think the inequality between the rich and poor will increase if robots and computers take over the jobs currently performed by humans.And there is little optimism that the economy will create new, better-paying jobs in the wake of automation 66% doubt that will be the case.There is so me hope workers see protection against automation in learning new skills they see this as a responsibility to take on themselves, through education, and not something that will come from the government or their own employers. Almost 40% say the education system is responsible over the next 30 years to make sure American workers have the right skills and training to get the right job that presumably wont be stolen by robots. Another 39% say its the individuals responsibility. Whatever the way, American workers will find a way to adapt, as they always have.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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Offered a Relocation Package Take it.

Offered a Relocation Package Take it.Offered a Relocation Package Take it.When I grew up relocating was a way of life, a way to advance your career. Relocating, and the perks that went with it, had long been the hallmark of six-figure executives.Well its mostly gone away, along with the signing bonus. Today, the lack of relocation has become quite egalitarian, affecting even the executive suite. I suppose the exception might be a CEO, some specialized rocket scientist or bio-tech expert.However, there is an exception to every rule, so if you are unemployed and someone does offer to relocate you, jump on it.Why are relocation offers extinct?I am from Armonk in New York States Westchester County. When I grew up there, Armonk was the global headquarters of IBM, which was then the equivalent of the Google or Microsoft today. Armonk was a corporate town, a smokestack-less company town, with a fancy school, where you were identified by the part town in which you lived Windmill Farms, Whipp oorwill - names like that.If you wanted to get ahead at IBM, you moved, not just across the country, but across the world. Picture the AMC TV show Mad Men, but unfolding in the 1970s.But during a recession, the offer to relocate for a job that youre trying to land, or even one that you currently have, hardly exists anymore.Why? Well, because of high unemployment, there are often so many quality candidates within a local geography that the expense and risk of relocating someone has become almost extinct.When is relocation just not worth it? In the end, it depends on what your spouse or partner is doing for a job. While it might be difficult to pull Buffy and Jodi out of the school they love and friends they know, the kids are better off making new friends and adjusting to a new house, than the alternative going to the poor house.Heres one example Harpo Productions is soon moving to dann los Angeles. This is Oprah Winfreys production company. I have heard from several of her well-co mpensated executives, many whom are women who must decide in the next 24 months if they want to move from a Chicago-land suburb to LA. My advice is always the same to these people, like I would have advised Jed Clampett from The Beverly Hillbillies many years ago Load up the truck (SUV) and move to BeverlyHills that is, swimming pools, movie starsYour spouse or partner will find another job. Harpo will help, or tune in to the Ladders to find more manager, director, VP and C-level jobs for your spouse than Oprah has homesBut really, relocation, if you can find it, is almost always worth it.Rarely if ever volunteer to relocate your job, unless there is some guarantee on a buy-out if the job does not work out.Let me know what you think. Happy Hunting

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4 Times You Dont Want to Get Ahead at Work - The Muse

4 Times You Dont Want to Get Ahead at Work - The Muse4 Times You Dont Want to Get Ahead at WorkIts easy to think that theres one direction you should be moving in your career forward. Youre supposed to keep putting one foot in front of the other until you finally reach the top of that proverbial ladder.But, heres the thing Career paths arent always so simple. And, just because something seems like it will get you one rung higher doesnt necessarily mean its the best decision for you long-term.Not convinced? Here are four times that a step forward at work is actually taking you one step back in your career. 1. When a Promotion Takes You Away From What You LoveOf course, a promotion is a great thing. Youre being formally recognized (and compensated) for all of your valuable contributions with a new title and a pay bump. But, that step up also likely involves some changes to your daily responsibilities- which may or may leid be what you want.Perhaps this new position means youll no longe r need to attend those weekly marketing meetings, which are actually one of your favorite parts of each work week. Or, maybe instead of communicating directly with customers (which you love), youll now be charged with overseeing the team that does that.Thats not to say that you should turn down that offer for a promotion without batting an eye (that decision deserves some serious consideration). But, its worth thinking through whether or not you could take that superior role without losing all of the job duties youve grown to love. 2. When a New Responsibility Eats Up Time for Your Side ProjectYour boss gives you a new responsibility to take on at work. Youre honored that she would trust you to grab the reins on something new. But, youre also aware that this is going to involve much longer hours- hours that you were previously dedicating to the side hustle that youd eventually like to take full-time.In a situation like this, its important to take a step back and consider your long-t erm career goals. If you do intend to make your side project your full-time career in the near future, thats going to involve some time and dedication- which youll be short on if you continue to fill up your plate at your day job.3. When a Speaking Opportunity Is About a Topic You Have No Interest InGiving a presentation or agreeing to a public speaking opportunity is a great way to make some new connections and build your personal brand. But, theres a caveat here You want whatever youre asked to speak about to be somewhat relevant to your career and expertise. You dont want to establish yourself as a thought leader in a subject that totally deviates from your area of interest. No, theres nothing wrong with pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a little bit. But, you want to be careful not to foster a reputation thats totally irrelevant to your actual skills and your goals.Sure, being asked to speak about social media marketing at that association event might be an honor. Howeve r, it wont do you too many favors if youre growing your career as an engineer. In fact, agreeing to that opportunity will likely only serve to confuse people about who you are and what you bring to the table. 4. When a New Job Doesnt Fit Your GoalsYou werent actively job hunting. But, you were approached by another company that ended up offering you a position. By all intents and purposes, this new role is a big step up. It comes with a higher salary, a fancier title, a corner office, and an employer thats a household name in your field.Whats the catch? Well, youve been thinking about switching industries or making a major career change altogether- meaning that this new role doesnt fit with your plans for the future. Yes, accepting that position might mean a step forward- but, thats irrelevant if thats not actually the direction you want to be heading in. More often than not, a step up in your career is a great thing that deserves to be celebrated. However, there are some circumstan ces when that one step forward would ultimately take you two steps back.Regardless of your individual situation or preferences, its important to remember to give major career decisions- whether good or bad- the time for consideration that they deserve.Do that, and youre much more likely to take things in the direction that works best for you.

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The Foolproof Baker Resume Strategy

The Foolproof Baker Resume Strategy Use headings to organize the info in your resume. Many times theres a unique format required and if you dont refer to resume examples then you may not know that requirement in any respect. Resume examples will reveal to you just what type of information is necessary and the format it is required in. The illustration will help make certain that you compose a resume of your own that will decidedly be correct and in the proper format. Its simple enough to learn that with a visit or a telephone call. Search this website for examples of waiter resume templates to observe how it is possible to enhance yours. This site and mobile app can provide help While Canadian resumes are available in many diverse formats, they share some standards that you ought to know about. Bakers should also confirm the quality of ingredients before using them. A Pastry Chef will likewise be required to plan creation and develop seasonal offerings. Estimate bakery r equirements and help out with requisitioning and keeping adequate supplies for baking operations. Creativity is one other qualification that could set the pastry chef besides the rest. Excellent communication abilities and people skills are required in such a position. Baker Resume Secrets If you are working to compose a good resume that may help you raise your probability of getting hired, youre in the appropriate place. If you want to make a great impression on an employer looking at bad resume examples might be fantastic tool for you. Whether you are only starting out, are a seasoned professional, or are looking to create a big career change, MyPerfectResume has the resume tools you have to get ahead. Your odds of getting the job can become very slim when it happens. Employers may also search for you on other social networking tools, like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Candidates may also consider internships in addition to apprenticeships. Students may also have a sanit ation training course, which may be useful when seeking certification. Thus, its normal for Business Administrators to specialize in various industry sectors. Type of Baker Resume Since many employers only offer each resume a mean of six seconds before moving on, its critical that your summary statement shines. At length, end on a positive note by stating how youre ambitious, and the way you mean to integrate with the enterprise to help it grow, also. This letter is a kind of rough contract, so its essential that you restate the conditions under which youre being hired. Ms. Black isnt the only one who has become fascinated with that. Employed as a baker therefore requires a specific amount of flexibility and a lifestyle thats equipped to accommodate the demanding schedule, and of course the considerable physical strength and stamina necessary to manage the long hours spent standing, operating ovens. There are some other Baker positions that happen during the operation of th e bakery. You ought to be comfortable with standing for hours and hours. The competition in the current days job market is quite tough. Baker Resume Secrets That No One Else Knows About Certification isnt required by the majority of employers, but it might help bakers stick out from the competition. Pastry chefs want to possess quite a few abilities and skills to have the ability to function and execute their job descriptions effectively. Bakers are predicted to understand the many tactics that are employed in modern baking. They usually start working very early in the morning, and most bakers get their careers started with apprenticeships. You want a particular formula. The part of a baker involves performing many functions to attain delicious products. If its not prepared with care to deal with the important requirements of a role, youre putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage. In the USA, this term is restricted to servers of coffee-based beverages and doesnt inco rporate the ones that prepare and serve alcoholic beverages. The Truth About Baker Resume Help others that are attempting to enter into this area. Individuals can sense if youre just boasting or showing off. If you decide to include references, make certain that the people you list may still be contacted at the telephone numbers you give. 1 thing a lot of people dont understand about writing resumes is you have to be certain it has each of the pertinent information that will help you get hired. Its time to locate the talent your company requirements. Professionally, our resumes are often the very first impression a possible employer gets of us. It is actually a way for you to demonstrate how you are going to benefit the employer. Many employers cross-reference your resume to your on-line presence.

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The Appeal of Career Counseling Resume Writing Taunton Ma

The Appeal of Career Counseling Resume Writing Taunton Ma The Career Counseling Resume Writing Taunton Ma Cover Up All applicants must be over 18, with priority to reduce income families. The program lasts for as much as 2 decades. Should you need safe, effective counseling solutions, please get in contact. Visiting your regional careers service for advice may also help. Its remarkable the way the look and feel of a CV changes from departure to complete. Seeking specialist advice is a worthwhile alternative if you are experiencing difficulties writing your own CV. Inquire also about what you need to search for, and what exactly you can or may notlage safely touch. You ought to be honest with yourself about why you need to create a shift. Up in Arms About Career Counseling Resume Writing Taunton Ma? The purchase price for your Resume is dependent on your years of experience. Then, youve got to work out the way to sell yourself. Often, my clients dont understand what they want but they know the things that they dont want. Skype meetings are almost always available in the contest you cannot meet with me face to face. With a counsellor you are in possession of a scheduled time that is specially for you to chat about whatever you desire. Youve probably seen many resumes over the span of your work, but its not unusual to discover you have very little experience with one focused on being an HR manager. The Fundamentals of Career Counseling Resume Writing Taunton Ma Revealed A great CV will also avoid lots of the flaws previously mentioned. For example, designs utilize old fonts which arent very clear and a few templates suggest including referee details on the base of a CV. Directly copying a CV template isnt always the ideal solution as it isnt always tailored to the demands of the candidate. The total CV template and ideas about the specific CV design and CV layout ought to be only a last consideration. Lies Youve Been Told About Career Couns eling Resume Writing Taunton Ma Youre probably wondering how the resume writing process works and whats involved. Yes, the man reading your fine resume writing examples has to be sold on why they ought to bring you in. Its worthwhile attempting to learn from other examples and try various things until youre satisfied with the last outcome. If youre looking for resume writing examples to find inspiration from, then using tired old formats which everyone else is using is probably not the best way to go. What is going to be good for you is you will be collaborating with not only a very experienced resume writer but a committed career counselor who might suggest options, if youre open, on the way. Should you do, youre free yourself to hunt objectively for the best support. Youre the victim of your institutions downsizing (or you get a sneaky suspicion that youre next). Dont assume that the absolute most expensive services that you find through friends or the telephone book are the very best ones, though they could be. You dont need to commit to it long-term, just take one particular class and find out how you like it. Using Career Counseling Resume Writing Taunton Ma It is very important that a hiring manager know what position youre applying for and what you need to offer them. A more compact group might have the HR manager overlap in duties with a mid-level generalist, whereas a bigger group may search for specialization in a certain area of HR. While each career center will be different slightly, in general you will want to register at the website.